Tue. May 24th, 2022

Quality education being the need of the hour is a topic that is often found doing rounds in various circles. While everyone keeps lamenting on how we need to improve the education system in our country, there is hardly someone who can take a stand define the term correctly. Each one of us has a different view on what is or what can be quality education. While some of us perceive the lack of infrastructure to be resulting in poor education, while the other might say that the old syllabus to be poor education.

Quality education is not a term that can be explained in one single word or a sentence for that matter. However, we can summarize it by saying that the amount of knowledge rooted in the child by way of teaching – learning process and the extent to which it can translate to their personal, social and developmental benefits is how we can identify the quality of education imparted.

The next question that arises is – how do we accomplish this. Here are some points that are highlighted to bring about quality education.
















1. Achievable objectives – the objectives must be easy to understand and achieve for the teachers and students.

2. Balance of subjects – every subject must have topics that are required and maintain a balance with them.

3. Pedagogy – a child-centric learning approach is what helps in better learning and also molding the students to become better people.

4. Assessments – these are just a means to gauge one’s learning and must aid in helping students learning better.

While all these points are a broad framework to work with, it is important that educational institutions follow them religiously to bring out the best in students and to create all-round stalwarts. Our education system has guidelines laid down, but there is something amiss. This has resulted in people (parents) complaining about the quality of the education system in whole and seeking help from alternate sources. You may wonder as to what are these alternate sources. The answer lies in those companies which sells educational CDs to those which help in home tuition.

While many of us are aware of the educational CDs being available in the market, we are still growing to the concept of home tuitions, wherein a tutor will come to one’s home and help the child build his/her strength over the subject.

By rahul