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Gaining an accredited education in massage therapy can be done by completing several levels of educational training. Students can choose to receive the skills and knowledge needed to work in this industry by enrolling in a school or college that offers training for massage therapists. Preparing for a career in this exciting field will teach students to work with various forms of the therapy, to provide their clients with a relaxing experience that will help relieve stress and other ailments. Students can start by looking into the available options for earning the skills needed to enter into a successful massage therapy career.

Education Options

When choosing to obtain an education in this field, students have a number of options. Training in massage therapy can be completed at the certificate or associate degree level. Training and coursework can vary from six months to two years depending on the level of education desired by each student. Accredited career preparation will consist of written work as well as hands on training. Students can choose a specific area of the field to specialize in, called modalities, which will allow them to pursue the career they long for. Coursework and career options will vary depending on the level of education and modality that is chosen by each individual. Accredited schools and colleges are available to provide the training needed for a future of success.
















Career Opportunities

The type of career available will depend on the specific area the student has chosen and level of education they have obtained. Students can choose from specialized areas like deep tissue, aromatherapy, Shiatsu, Reiki, reflexology, and much more. With the opportunity to obtain an accredited education in this field, students will have the chance to seek employment in salons, hospitals, spas, hotels, fitness clubs, and many other places where massage therapists are needed. Pursuing a massage therapy education from one of many massage therapy schools is an excellent way to begin the path to the life you dream of. Training will require students to complete various studies both written and hands on.

Coursework and Training

Preparing for a career in this field can require students to learn a number of specialized skills. Training may consist of obtaining knowledge in anatomy, kinesiology, muscle pathology, physiology, massage techniques, and many other relevant subjects. Hands on training for a career in this area will have students learning the amount of pressure needed based on the modality being used. Students can also expect to gain skills in meditation, perception training, exercise, and much more. When looking to pursue a career as a professional massage therapist, students should ensure the program is fully accredited in order to receive the best education possible.

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