Tue. Jan 25th, 2022

We all go crazy for new gadgets that are new to us that we have not experienced before. The thrill comes in learning what the new gadget has to offer. The idea of having new educational software for your school is bound to make both teachers and students delighted.

Purchasing school assets is not an easy decision as quite substantial amounts of money are required for that. Many schools have ended up with many educational software items that serve them no purpose as they have no idea of using some, others have become irrelevant and others lack the time to use them.

Educational software products may be categorized as:

· Curriculum delivery

· Skill development

· Revision and consolidation

· Assessment and testing

When making a purchase, identify what needs and goals of the school are. Also study carefully the limitations of your computer department. Ask yourself the following questions:















What needs do our teachers and students have?

Teachers’ needs may include:

-improving quality of lessons

-saving time spent when marking

-engaging students more interactively

-streamlining the process of teaching/learning

-diagnosing problem areas

-planning and admin assistance

Students’ needs may include:

-improving numeracy and literacy skills

-improving spatial skills

-improving concentration and learning skills

-improving understanding and knowledge of the curriculum

How many computers are available in the school currently?

When buying educational software for your school, you need to make an assessment of your class sizes on average and the number of computers available in the computer room.

What are can I afford?

What amount of money are you willing to spend? Budget issues are very important and you need to know the costs of the computers well in advance and compare prices offered by different suppliers.

What have we been exposed to already?

This will ensure that you get relevant and proper investment. You may need to look into the following questions as a guide to this:

-how many teachers/students will be using it?

-is any form of training required?

-does the item fill our educational needs?

By rahul