Sat. Sep 24th, 2022

I saw a piece on CNN, a while back, which featured a family whose seven children had all been home-schooled: four of them were in or already out of college, and all four had started college when they were twelve years old!! These children were happy and well adjusted, and they gave God and their parents the credit for the life they had experienced. And yes, the father worked (in the home) while the mother taught and cared for the home and children. The father and mother both shared the responsibility for educating their children. This family’s whole life was built on the leading of God in schooling and raising their children.

Many people believe that home-schooled children have teachers or professors for parents, but this is rarely the case. Most teachers and professors are solidly against the idea of homeschooling, since it so often exposes the lacking in our educational system.

American public education, for the most part, has been anything but effective in the last half century, in particular! Public school students are nothing more than pawns and cogs in the machine of material science, popular culture and corporate Capitalism (“Good consumers,” as the education schools teach!). American students-today-aren’t taught to think, reason, problem solve and be creative, instead, they are indoctrinated into a secular belief system, which, through indoctrination and intimidation (political correctness), forces them to adopt current, societal values while, at the same time, discarding the values of their family’s! This isn’t really anything new, since our education system was born of an atheistic mother and corporate father at the time of the industrial revolution. Our education system, from its inception, was designed to raise up like-minded and more easily trainable workers for the corporations. This also gave the atheistic philosophers, of that day, a foothold, so they could pander their godless religion to the young and naive.

I am not suggesting that most teachers and administrators are apart of this, or even at fault, totally, but they are at the mercy of this system, just like their students. Add to all of this that now we have “standardized and mandatory testing,” which binds our teachers even more, and here is the recipe for educational and societal disaster, which, unless we’re blind and deaf, intellectually, we can see all around us!

I know many people who have chosen to home-school their children and most have experienced results like the family in this post. In my estimation, if people have children, then part of their planning, as parents, should be to home school! Education and values need to come from the parents, not the “village.” We can all see what happens when the “village” raises a child, they either are tortured and starve to death (Africa), or they become self-absorbed “players” in the MTV, “Hip-Hop” generation. People shouldn’t have children if they’re not going to take the responsibility to raise them! Parents are the first teacher their child knows, and they should be the last, in particular, when it comes to values!

By rahul