Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

The debate on choosing a private or government funded tertiary education has been around for a long time, both sides of the debate have their merits but and this makes the decision difficult for students. For some, the decision is easy, for some the decision is made by financial factors and for others it is a decision that could change your life.

Factors that influence the decision

When picking a tertiary education for school leavers and those already in the workforce there is always going to be factors that influence your decision the private or government:


  1. Parents –A major factor for school leavers when choosing a tertiary campus as they are a highly influential part of our life and they are often the ones that will be footing the bill.
  2. Money –Both government and private education can be expensive.
  3. Location –Campus location plays an important factor for both school leavers and people in the workforce. However it will play a larger factor in the decision making process for those in the workforce already.
  4. Timetables –The availability of course starting dates and class timetables will influence both parties.—guaranteed-success-in-first-attempt

Why go government?

Government tertiary institutions have the ability to except more students per semester and often have more campuses in closer proximity to highly populated areas. Often flexibility in course timetables is greater due to the higher number of students and more classes being provided per day. Some courses will also allow you to defer payments until you are earning an income after you graduate.

Why go private?

Private tertiary institutions are very attractive to those that are looking at completing their education in potentially a timelier manner with a lower student to teacher ratio. This gets you into the workforce, either for the first time or returning, quickly so you can start earning an income from your education. The lower student to teacher ratio allows you to have a higher level of contact time with your teacher, this allows you to grasp, understand and explore in depth more work related theories, concepts and hands on tasks to give you a better understanding of what will be expected of you in the workplace.

As you can see when you are deciding on your tertiary education, there are a few major factors that will influence your decision. When you are trying to make the right decision, ask your self the following questions:

– Where will I get the best education to get me my dream job?

– Who will get me into the workforce quickly?

By rahul