Wed. Sep 28th, 2022

So, you think technical education is all about theory and lectures? You are wrong.

When we think about practical labs, sciences come to mind. We all think of biology labs, physics labs, chemistry labs, and computer labs but we barely ever think of technical labs. We think technical subjects do not require practical mode of teaching. That is where we fail.

Today, the interactive teaching methodology is prevailing all over the world and this includes practical sessions regardless of the subject. No student will be at his efficient best if he is made to sit in a hall and subjected to lecture after lecture. Even an interesting topic can become dull through constant theory lessons. That is why practical labs are very important.

Benefits of practical labs

There are numerous benefits of practical education. These include the following:

1. Students are interested in the topic. Practical education invokes interest that theory does not because students get to see it live, right in front of their eyes. Practical labs can even make a boring subject interesting, making more students participate and learn.

2. Practical lessons make learning fun. Learning must be interactive and fun for students to really study. Practical lessons accomplish that. Technical topics can especially be boring and hard to grasp. So, a practical lab explaining technical topics makes things easier.

3. Learning is easier through practical lessons. Some tough topics cannot be learnt only through theory. Also, a majority of students learn better when they see how things work. Whether it is coding or just anything else, practical lessons help learn quickly and remember for longer.

4. Since students participate in practical lessons, they feel involved. They feel important and they can learn a lot from their fellow students as well. This interactive session enhances their learning prowess.

Choosing a college that provides interactive and practical teaching methodology

Now that you know why practical labs are important, you should prefer colleges that have labs for technical education. Keep in mind that almost every college advertises this but not all of them have the facilities required. Some of them simply do it for marketing purposes. Conduct research, go to the campus if they allow it, and get in touch with current and alumni students of the college to find out.


Education without practical lessons is not education. You can only learn so much from theory. Make this a primary concern when you look for colleges to apply and be sure that the campus provides what is advertised. Without a practical lab you will lose out on a lot of learning and may face difficulties while searching for a job. It is always practical knowledge that triumphs in the long run.

By rahul