Thu. Oct 6th, 2022

In any organization it is people that make the difference and one good example of this is in our educational system. A school district or even a single school needs to work on getting the right team in place, as this is the key to education. This is why it is recommended that administers of education should study human resources and understand what it takes to run a large organization.

If you are involved in education administration, then I’d like to recommend a book that you need on your bookshelf and you need to be well acquainted with. This is not the type of book you wish to read cover to cover, but rather a reference Manual so to speak when dealing with people in the often the emotional world of public education;

“Personal Administration in Education; New Issues & New Needs in Human Resource Management”┬áby L. Dean Webb, John T. Greer, Paul A. Montello and M. Scott Norton; Merrill Publishing, division of Bell and Howell Information Company; Columbus, OH; Date: 1987

So, let me take a moment to discuss with you what I liked most about this book:

This book has a history section that explains the public education from the early 1900s to the present and lets you see the progression of leadership strategies in public administration. It explains the laws and how they have shaped how things are done today. It talks about motivation and measuring performance. It discusses the life cycles of schools and the reality of shifts in demographics.

This book explains how to deal with collective negotiation and teachers unions, without these stressful talks or discussions disrupting education in the classroom. There is a huge section on the legal aspects of public school personnel administration, evaluating performance and maximizing human resources. There is also a large section on the implementation of technology into the classroom and the wave of the future.

Although this book was written in 1987 many of the future trends in human resources that were projected forward are right on the money and exactly what a school administrators are dealing with today. So please consider this.

By rahul