Wed. Sep 28th, 2022

You would think that getting primary students engaged in European history would perhaps be a little difficult, but not when you have the Parc Asterix as an educational travel destination! This fun and wacky place is more than just your run of the mill amusement park – it also squeezes the historical essence of the Adventures of Asterix comics into everything in it. Here’s how.


First off in the list of attractions is the pulse-pounding OzIris, a 90-km/h roller coaster ride set to an ancient Egyptian theme. This particular ride seats the riders in such a way that their feet are left dangling- making them feel as if they are flying right through the air. If this doesn’t get the students excited, then probably nothing will! Encourage the youngsters to snap photos of themselves near the obelisk and temple-like structures, and you can then assign them to learn more about the structures while sharing their experiences on the ride.

Le Defi de Cesar

Set the students on an educational travel adventure as one of Caesar’s spies sent to infiltrate the Gaulic village. This particular ride uses a combination of moving rooms and high-definition screens to take participants on a journey of epic proportions: from meeting the scheming Julius Caesar to tumbling in a sinking ship and facing off against giant sea monsters. Take note of the sights and ask your students what they felt and thought about their experiences on the ride, particularly the various places they see on their fictional journey.

La Legion Recrute

Speaking of Roman themes, this particular show mixes Roman legionary training with various stunts and magic acts to wow the audience. Things are further spiced up by the interference of a Gaulic spy, adding a dash of danger and excitement in the show. Your students will witness a lot of high-flying and pulse-pounding acts during this show, and you can take advantage of this opportunity by later asking them what they learned from the training acts they saw. You can even use these experiences from your educational travel itinerary for a class lesson about Roman history.

La Foret des Druides

Druidic lore had a pretty significant role to play in the world of Asterix, and this lore is fully fleshed out in this scavenger hunt. Your students will go on a miniature adventure of their own to help Getafix the druid find ingredients to brew a special potion to help Asterix fend off the invading Roman Legionnaires. The young ones will have a romp traversing magic forests, shifting swamps, echoing caves and impressive rock formations to find their items.

If you are in need of a fun destination for educational travel, just remember what this excellent destination has to offer young learners. Who knows – maybe this single experience could lead one or more of your students down the path of learning more about history.

By rahul