Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

Are you looking for good options trading education? If so then you should look for a mentor who has been trading options and has made a fortune with options trading. Options are a better trading vehicle as compared to stocks. Suppose you are bullish on a stock ABC. Let’s say stock ABC is selling at $70 right now. If you buy 1000 shares of stock ABC, your cost will be $70,000.

Now, instead of buying stock ABC, you look for a call option on stock ABC. Let’s say 3 months call option contract on stock ABC with a strike price of $70 is selling at a premium of $15. One call options contract gives you the right to buy 1000 shares of stock ABC. This means that you can have the right to buy 1000 shares of stock ABC at $15,000. You may exercise this right or you may not! It depends on the price of the stock.










Compare this with your intended investment of $70,000. A saving of $70,000-$15,000= $55,000. So what do you think which is the better trading vehicle. You can use these saving in buying more options contracts. Suppose the price does not go up but goes down to $45. How much you lose if you had invested in stocks? $25,000. How much you lose if you had invested in options? $15,000. Options are definitely a better trading vehicle if used properly as compared to stocks.

Options trading can be highly profitable if done right. Just like any other investment, options can be risky. Many people don’t know how to trade options but still take a plunge in trading options. The result they burn their fingers. The right way is to first get good options trading education. Always train yourself and get good education before you make any investment.

Meet Chris Rowe. Chris was crippled at the age of 15 when he met an accident. He could not walk again in life. But this did not deter him in life. He became a master options trader and made a fortune trading options. He is the right person who can give you good options trading education. Recently he launched his Options GPS course in collaboration with Ron Ianieri.

Ron Ianieri is another great name in options trading education. He is a former options floor trader and is now the Chief Options Strategist at the Options University. He is considered to the the best teacher on options trading education. The motto of Options University is good options trading education for safer and better investing. Now both Chris and Ron are great mentors that can teach you what no one else can teach you.

By rahul