Mon. Nov 28th, 2022

As the Web is converting from 1.0 to more social-based 2.0, the next 3.0 generation of how the Web will affect all of our lives is starting to surface. Various social media networking sites, blogs and free online learning communities have brought free knowledge to an infinite amount of people around the globe and have grown exponentially through the last decade. One of the biggest things that will change peoples lives is the amount of free education people will be able to access.

As most will agree, everyone in the world should have access to learn and grow. The question is, as more free learning sources appear, how will this affect colleges, universities and continuing adult education? Will open education eliminate the demand for expensive online programs?

The world’s largest e-learning provider, Gatlin International doesn’t think so. Open education should bring positive results if you offer quality content. As the world starts to even out and poor and rich alike can learn at the same level, a larger need for advanced training will surface. Therefore, as long as your courses and degrees are among the best in the world, then you should not suffer any loss.

Think about it, more people learning means that more people will need to advance their education to keep competitive, this will further separate low end education providers and great ones. Low end content providers might be wiped out by free education. The best quality education providers will come out on top.

The challenge of competing with free learning on the Web brings an opportunity to content providers, so while there are thousands of free learning sources out there, don’t let it worry you. Offering content in areas like video game design and development, business marketing design, Six Sigma, and Microsoft Certified Application Specialist takes advantage of highly demanded fields, and your content will fill a need for advanced training that free resources don’t provide. You might also consider providing content on the lucrative and growing healthcare industry. The superior skill sets your content presents for a career such as pharmacy technician is something that open education cannot compete with. Free education can be your friend by sparking an individual’s interest in any given topic and creating a craving for a deeper knowledge and need for your course.

By rahul