Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Look at what the television and movie producers would like us to think that a college education is: crazy parties, impossibly beautiful women, smug professors who get their comeuppance at the end of the day. This might be the reality for a very small group of people; it is not education in real life however. Look around in the grocery store the next time you stand in a long line; it might be that nearly everybody there is in some kind of educational experience at that moment.

The lady with the crying baby is taking her final nursing courses every evening at the community college. The man who is buying an odd amount of frozen dinners is taking yet another correspondence course, this time to learn how to be a locksmith. The older lady behind you is enrolled in an online college, returning to school after a 40-year break. Little does she know, but one of her classmates in that very same online program is the cashier, a pretty, young girl who was too painfully shy to be comfortable in a classroom situation. Online, she is excelling; in class she would have frozen up.–zVNZJx7DWx9sTdZ

Education can be found in a number of locations and you will be shocked by how much the world opens up for you once you have started these classes. Even if you never leave your home to get your education, you will know more about the world around you. Research will teach you things about history that you did not fully understand or appreciate before. You will find yourself listening to the news with a wiser ear. Your view on politics might change dramatically. You will find yourself speaking with more conviction and passion on a wider range of topics.

You might even find yourself starting sentences with “the other day in class” or similar statements. You should be proud of yourself. Even the man who is working his way through a number of correspondence courses should be proud of himself because he is learning something that is to him, worthwhile. After all, education is meant to be an improvement to ourselves and our futures.

An online education is a very valuable tool to reaching the goals that you have set for yourself. Whatever you have set out to learn is within your grasp now. You will be able to reach the end of your degree program and graduate with the knowledge that not only can you finish things that you have started but that you are far more intelligent than you gave yourself credit for.

By rahul