Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

A recent phenomenon that is being used by millions across the world today namely online education is known to having its own pro’s and cons. Even though research has shown that the acquisition of online degrees has played a major roll in educating the masses, there are countless people who believe eLearning is nothing but a burden.

An absolute fact about the acquisition of online degrees is that is provides students the capability to bring education right in to their homes by making use of various websites that offer free courses and online colleges and universities which offer full-fledge online degree programs. This simply leads us to the fact that studying online is convenient and flexible at the same time. Online learners are able to access their courses with a simple click and study at their own pace, whenever and from wherever they feel most comfortable. Then there is the fact that online education provides more individual attention as compared to traditional classroom setting. If an individual has a query, all s/he has to do is send an email to the online faculty, or chat to them through live chat, or leave a message on the discussion board and s/he would get the help they need.

But then again, there are particular disadvantages to online learning as well. The most basic disadvantage is that if any of your courses’ website malfunctions and is inaccessible, you are in serious trouble. But this rarely happens, as online colleges and universities ensure that their course management systems work perfectly and for that they are upgraded regularly. Another disadvantage that puts off certain people is that there is no face-to-face communication between students and teachers when you study through eLearning. This can be overcome by the fact that while studying online, students and teachers can have real time conversations using live cams etc to get to see each other. Another aspect is that of downloading audio or visual lectures which make you feel like you are present in a classroom. But the final drawback of online education is that it requires dedication, self-motivation and time management which regrettably several individuals lack.

On the whole, the acquisition of online degrees has the tendency to play a rather positive role in the lives of individuals who for some reason or the other find it hard to be regular students. All that is required is that individuals must be mature adults who can focus on their work, and online education would definitely help them acquire education at their own pace and convenience.

By rahul