Wed. Sep 28th, 2022

Advertising is a service that will always be present in any business, at least for those businesses who wish to be successful. That same theory holds true for the education business. We don’t usually think about education as being a business, but rather an institution with its foundation placed in the advancement of people. This statement holds some truth; however there is a profound business and advertising aspect that is overlooked by many. This, I believe, is simply due to the theory that you can’t put a price on education. Rather then purchasing an item that depreciates, you’re investing in yourself, something that will in time, appreciate.

Advertising for many Colleges and Universities involves nothing more then an old time college story from Uncle Tommy about his fraternity at the Ohio State University. Simply, many colleges and universities are so reputable and have been around for so long that they have an image and aura about them that doesn’t require much advertising. Prospecting college students know about schools through word of mouth, perhaps a family member or the guidance counselor mentioned a school to them. Inadvertently, college sports play a huge role in advertising for the school and increasing enrollments. All of these things are incidental methods of advertising, however there is revolutionary new way for individuals to earn a degree; a way that cannot rely on the traditional means of advertising as the old state schools and universities have.

Online Schooling has created new means in regards to earning an education and degree. Online Education is paving the way for those with a hectic schedule, for those in the thick of their career, for those who want classes to fit their schedule. Distance Education is a vast field that is growing at an exorbitant rate. How can someone create growth for something that is so new, they advertise! Online Programs such as the University of Phoenix and University of Maryland University College spend millions on promoting and advertising their degrees.

Why do they do this? Online Schools and Universities do this simply because enrollments are increasing, not only due to advertising, but because their programs really work. Students and Full-time workers alike are receiving four year degrees that are extremely credible and valuable. So if you’ve given up hope on receiving a traditional four year degree from a state school, take a look into Distance Learning and the different degree programs they offer. You’ll be surprised as to how far you can really go with an Online Degree.

By rahul