Mon. Jan 24th, 2022

I was in a bookstore one time perusing magazines display in a nook when I saw the front page of a well-known magazine: a soldier carries a wounded boy during an encounter with the enemies. It was such a tear-jerking scene when leafing through the pages I feel the harrowing experiences of children, men and women who were victims of conflict. I had even vicariously felt the pains and hardships these unfortunate people have been dealing with since the onset of conflict.

This kind of cruelties to people is not civilized way of dealing with conflict. When lives are at stake, there should not be any sane reason to launch missile attack or what just to contain the enemies. In fact, innocent civilians are the common sacrifice, and not the real enemies. With this scenario, hogging the headlines, we know something must be done to stop this kind of inhumane ways of solving conflict or what. Is there a good reason to subjugating enemies even to the peril of innocent people?

Peace education needs to be part and parcel of initiatives of people both from private and public organizations or what. Since we are in the 21st century, we should have taken a higher step of living peaceful lives sans resorting to all form of violence when there is a need in resolving conflict or misunderstanding. Leaders must initiate sane ways and means to preserving social sanity intact and not volatile as what we have been exposed to.

However, no matter what programs are being implemented in a local or global scale, as long as the people were not properly educated on the essence of peace, friendship and understanding…such crimes against humanity, ethnic or what would be a common scenario and worse become part of our system brushing it off as inevitable thing.–UCt3Cak

Pathetic is when we have been looking the other way than thinking of a sane solution towards resolving conflicts sans using brute force. Well, it is nice and good to know that despite these scenarios some creative and peace-loving people have been doing little but effective ways of making a difference through educating people, specifically the young ones, on the vital role peace education can do.

I believe that with peace education initiative of caring people’ welfare as what Teachers Without Borders has been doing, it can help in ensuring a more peaceful and saner world. Our young generation’s future is at stake and it is our great responsibility — and privilege as well –to preserve peace, order and sanity in the world.

Here are then ways of making a little effort as our contribution to peace education:

1. Be at peace with yourself

Peace should be felt from within. When you are at peace with yourself, you are capable of observing peaceful means in settling conflict with others.

2. Observe respect to other people

Sans respect, anything could happen. Yes, no one has the right to disrespect other people because of their age, political leaning, sexual preference, economic status, religion, and other personal belief or uniqueness. Empathy and sympathy must be an active part of our personality.

3. Take part in peace education initiatives in your area

When group of sane people are doing great things to preserving unity, peace and the like… chances are great that unity, peace and the like will reign supreme despite the odds.

4. Form groups of peace heroes/heroines or what

If you can not find one, why not form one? Yes, you might be the one that matters in this endeavor. Do not be afraid to start a group of people who believe that with your powers to know, change, create and share–you can give anything of value for the common good. Try forming group in Face book, etc. and see what you can do as a group.

By rahul