Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

In spite of the fact that the current economy is on the verge of crisis, the demand for college degree holders is expected to dramatically increase. Recently, a study performed by the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC), revealed that the jobs asking for associate degrees are most likely to increase at about double the rate than that of jobs not involving a college education.

As US is emphasizing more on services instead of manufacturing, well-informed and trained labor force are highly in demand. Colleges, and universities, along with online learning and distance learning schools are producing skilled and highly-educated workforce that are strongly needed by this ailing economy. The United States’ major power is the accessibility of knowledgeable and skilled labor.

The improved demand for degree holders has even witnessed working Americans taking the measure for continued education. There has been a considerable rise in the enrollment rates for associate and bachelor’s degrees through online universities; this implies that workers are eagerly upgrading their awareness and skill sets in order to eat the fruits of having advanced educational qualifications, including a better pay grade and considerably improved chances for career development.

Higher management and high level executive positions are similarly demanding candidates to have a doctorate degree at minimum. In accordance with the statistics from the Bureau of Labor, job openings for PhD holders are most likely to witness significant growth, a 21.6% rise in a 10-year period from 2006 to 2016, whereas demand for associate degree and master’s degree holders is expected to rise by 18.7 and 18.9 %, correspondingly, during the same age.

Job development in professions asking just for a high school diploma is anticipated to be at an average of only 10% for a time period of 10 years. And there are plentiful opportunities for workers who want to take the additional step in upgrading their academic qualifications. President Obama appreciated Americans to continue further education and training in a speech to Congress last February. The president asked all Americans to make a commitment to one year (at minimum) or more of higher education or career schooling. This can be community college or a four-year school; occupational training or an apprenticeship. But whatsoever the training may be, the requirement for every American goes beyond a high school diploma. With back-up and measures offered at the public and private sectors making post-secondary education easier to accomplish, along with the advanced flexibility of online learning, we can look forward to several new degree holders filling the ranks of corporate America, shortly.

By rahul