Mon. Dec 5th, 2022

First off the amount of Universities in West Virginia is astounding. You will find Masters Degree programs in cities ranging anywhere from Philippi, WV, all the way to Buckhannon, WV. There really is no best way to decide on what college is right for you and I felt like it was something left up to the reader to decide for themselves. There are 4 different mindsets people use to make decisions like these, and in this article I really have no way to try and persuade you to go to any one school. So with that being said lets get into what schools are in the West Virginia area and then maybe later on you will have a better idea on where you think would be a good place to get educated.

Starting from A to Z and this certainly isn’t a complete list of schools, but from the research I have gathered at this time it seems to be a nice start:

First there is the Alderson Broaddus College, and they are located in the city of Philippi WV. They provide students with a Masters Degree who are interested in majors like: English, History, Math, and Science. There is the Bethany College and there located in the city of Bethany WV. Bethany only offers Arts majors.

Next is the University of Concord located in Athens WV. Concord offers a wide range of Masters education options like:

Admin, Adult Education or Higher, Counseling or Psych, Social Studies or History, Science, Health and/ Physical Education, Special Ed, and Reading.

Fairmont State University located in Fairmont, WV is a huge education provider and the list is so extensive that I am pretty sure it covers any major you are interested in majoring in.

Than there is Marshall University located in Huntington WV. Marshall is mainly a Business, Psychology, Reading, and Special Education provider.

Salem International University located in Salem, WV is a Masters Degree School with programs for: Masters in Education, and Masters in Business Administration.

Next we have Shepherd University and they are stationed in the city of Shepherdstown. Shepherd offers programs in everything you can think of lol or just about.

West Liberty University is located in the city of West Liberty what do you know the name of the city. West Liberty offers a single master program for Instructional Technology.

West Virginia University is located in Morgantown and offers master degree programs in almost every major you can think of.

West Virginia Wesleyan College is located in Buckhannon WV. They offer English, History, Math, Science, Special Ed, Physcial Ed.

By rahul