Tue. Nov 30th, 2021

In the last 5 years the fastest growing advanced degree program in the United States was the masters in education. It really comes as no surprise given both the remarkable advances in teaching theory and technology and the increased budgetary constraints that demand higher productivity. If a teacher or administrator wants to remain competitive they have to get that advanced education and many are turning to a masters in education online program.

Is an online education the same thing as earning a degree on a campus? Are degrees that come from online schools viewed the same as a traditional university setting? Here’s a quick review of the pros and cons of distance education.
















Online programs and especially a masters in education online program, offer one huge advantage over traditional university courses. Education professionals considering a MBA are typically employed and have been for several years. If they had to take an unpaid leave of absence, the financial strain would simply be too great and they probably would forgo the education just based on that. An online program allows the student to remain employed and capable of meeting his or her financial obligations. In addition, online programs are typically pay as you go rather than a large upfront tuition like traditional course.

Degrees received from most online institutions carry the same value and prestige that the diplomas awarded to on site students get. If you are attending UCLA via distance learning, the diploma you get will be identical to the one they pass out in Westwood.

The only real downside to pursuing a masters in education online program is the lack of immediate feedback that you can experience in a classroom. There certainly have been advances in video conferencing and presentation but it is not the same as being able to informally discuss an idea with a classmate.

In short, online masters in education programs make an advanced degree accessible to thousands of professionals who otherwise could not pursue the degree. If you’re considering a degree in education, you owe it to yourself to look into the options that are available to you.

By rahul