Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

Massage therapy continuing education is very important in the professional field of a Massage Therapist. Once you have your degree or certificate in massage therapy, you must continue your education periodically with certified classes designed to increase your knowledge about the body and it’s muscles. There are many different classes to choose from to further advance your career as a massage therapist. Classes you may consider taking include but are not limited to are: Connective Tissue Manipulation, Craniosacral therapy, medical advancement therapy, traditional Thailand massage, and Tui-Na.

Connective Tissue Manipulation is a very important part of massage continuing education. Connective Tissue Manipulation is the study of fibrous tissue. Craniosacral therapy, also important is the study of working with the spine and the skull of a person. There are techniques that you will learn as you further your education that will help to alleviate many problems for people and help you have a better understanding as these systems work together.

Medical advancement therapy is very important especially if you choose to work in a doctor or chiropractor’s office. This is all about the doctor and therapy working together to benefit the patient. Traditional Thailand massage which is the pulling and manipulation of muscles. Finally, Tui-Na is a western alternative technique using two hands to push and manipulate muscles.

Additional programs you may find helpful would be an aromatherapy certificate. Aromatherapy works together with massage, treating the whole body. Advancements in therapy for laboring mothers also is another option of massage therapy continuing education. It is becoming more popular each day for mothers to find alternative routes for labor and delivery of their babies, with massage therapy being a very beneficial treatment for them.

There are many more programs for massage continuing education. It is important that as a Massage Therapist you continue to advance your education to keep up with the latest techniques. Each day you further your knowledge can only make you a better well rounded massage therapist. As we continue to learn more about our bodies and the benefits of massage as a whole and while working with traditional medicine, we can set out to help our patients with the best knowledge.

Many of these massage therapy continuing education programs can be done in as little time as a weekend seminar. Education programs are aware of how busy our schedules already are and they do as much as possible to create school schedules that will allow you to find the time to continue your quest of knowledge.

By rahul