Thu. Oct 6th, 2022

This really sums it up in a nutshell because when you look at it, the only reason why we are bombarded with advertising is because when we move through our life and require something that a marketer has been hammering on us with, we will instantly pick up on their marketing phrase.

Example: if you are thirsty… _____ is it!

Example: if you are hungry… our _______ is open 24 hours.

Example: if you want healthier fast food… _________, eat fresh.

In order for you to be able to fill in the blanks, you needed to be educated on them first, so when it came time to eat or drink, the first answer is the one they have programmed you with.

This is no different with the national chain repair shop, or the mobile phone provider with thousands of people standing behind you. The funny thing is you are already connecting who I am describing with my general description.

That is awesome and should certainly demonstrate to you that Marketing is Education and Education Is Marketing.

Now, to apply this to your business, figure out some attributes that people could and should be educated on so when they think about something that relates to your business, they will think about you.

Write about it in a Blog, Ezine Article, Podcast, Newsletter, etc. and get it out there. The internet will take care of the first three and the fourth one can be fed names and emails from the first three.

Why choose the methods I just described?

The reason is that the major search engines are always searching out the most current and relevant information on subjects that people are looking for information on. These search engines have become smarter now as they gather more information on our searching habits.

It is now to the point that if you type in “rich green lawn” in a search engine, you will find responses like “…Everyone wants a healthy green lawn, and typically in our consumer society  Add some lime if needed, and a phosphate-rich fertilizer…” or “…Thicken your lawn and repair those bare spots with CANADA GREEN, a fine grass seed mixture that grows healthy, richgreen grass. …”

Some interesting attributes of each of the searches, is the ones on the top are educating your about how you can have a “rich green lawn” not just a bunch of cheap plugs of keywords/phrases. They are providing education along with a solution to your problem or answer to your question.

The information will be the best when it is not found just anywhere on the internet, but if you have some specialized knowledge about how to do it better, faster, cheaper and you share this information with the general public in vague terms, still demonstrating that while the person you are marketing to has more information now, but that you, the marketer are still the expert, they will still come to you for more information.

In other words, be of service to people and they will be of service to you, but do it with the mindset of truly assisting people to attaining their goals without expecting anything in return.

Greg Nicholls has a great amount of experience in many facets of marketing and advertising. “Having owned four businesses, I know that marketing and advertising is the most important components, next to a rock solid business plan and product.” – Greg Nicholls

By rahul