Sat. Oct 1st, 2022

LW Scientific educational microscopes enable convenient and efficient performance of various research procedures in school biology laboratories.

Handy Choice for School Laboratory Settings

When compared to the basic microscope models, LW Scientific educational microscopes are of great use for both the students and teachers of elementary, middle, junior and high school classes. These microscopes are available in a variety of models including MOBI Jr. Monocular Microscope, Student Advanced 4 Microscope, Student Advanced 3 Microscope, M1-Plus Binocular Microscope and many more.

Exceptional Features of LW Scientific Educational Microscopes

LW Scientific educational-microscopes are integrated with a series of advanced features to enable easy operation and accurate evaluation results. The major features found in advanced LW Scientific Student Advanced 4 microscope models include:

o Four position nose piece
o Standard monocular head
o 5W fluorescent base
o Coarse and fine focus with tension adjustment
o Amendable stage stop
o 110mm x 110mm stage size
o Locked-in eyepiece with pointer installed
o Spring-loaded slide clips
o Complete metal gearing
o 10X/18 wide field eyepiece

LW Scientific Educational Microscopes are also integrated with NA 1.25 ABBE condenser, Iris diaphragm and teaching head. These microscope models are built of heavy cast alloy and provided with reagent and acid resistant finish. They are available in several dimensions with variations in length, width, height and weight measurements. Additionally, majority of these microscope models are provided with accessories including fuses, dust cover, spare bulb and blue and green filters as well. These equipments are also provided with one year warranty both for the materials and electronic components and workmanship.

The Right Dealer Makes the Difference

By utilizing the services of reliable dealers in the industry, you can easily purchase the best model of LW Scientific Educational Microscope that suits your specific laboratory requirements and budget. These dealers offer excellent technical support services as well.

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