Thu. Dec 8th, 2022

Day trading education comes in many forms and varieties and from a wide array of sources. However, one aspect that is necessary for any form of day trading education to be effective is that it takes place in a live forex trading room, in real-time market conditions. Day trading by its very nature requires the trader to develop live chart reading skills, if you are trying to learn how to profitably read charts in order to become a forex day trader, than the only truly logical way to learn this skill is from an experienced day trader in real-time via a live forex trading room.

One of the benefits of learning from a professional trader in a live trading room is that you can watch them trade their own real money while you simply demo trade the same setups. This allows you to see how a professional trader makes their trading decisions under live market conditions with real money on the line. In this way you can learn what to do and, probably more importantly, what not to do without having to risk your own money. After you learn the intricacies of day trading the forex market, you can then move on to trading real money with all the knowledge and guidance you have received from your professional forex trading mentor. This will greatly shorten your learning curve and likely save you thousands of dollars of lost money in blown out trading accounts.

Where can I find great live forex day trading education?

Well it is fine and dandy to hear why you should obtain quality forex day trading education, it is another thing to locate it, as there are many websites out there trying to sell you some mechanical trading system that is nothing more than a well-marketed hodge-podge of lies designed by non-professional traders. One great website offering live forex day trading education is called day trading forex live (DTFL). This website offers a live forex trading room where you can view the same chart the senior trader is using to make live trading calls. There is also a comprehensive video education course offered on this website at no extra charge which includes the same strategies used in the live forex trading room for entries, exits, and trade management.

One of the notable features that set DTFL apart from other similar educational services is that they teach you how to evaluate what the price is doing rather than relying lagging indicators. This allows you to eventually trade on your own without the hand-holding of a daily trading room; this is one big indicator that their service is coming from people with genuine intentions, as opposed to the numerous money-hungry scammers out there. Some of the other great features offered at DTFL include a solid education on how to profit using support and resistance levels, how to read the market based on simple chart patterns, specific candlestick strategies, and WHEN to implement them. Psychology is a huge part of trading, and DTFL offers a solid education in the psychology of trading, money management, and how to effectively handle the daily stressors of trading.

By rahul