Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

A large percentage of people who are into the life insurance sector are part timers and that is a significant disadvantage when compared to the others who’ve taken the profession full time. Now, the disadvantage is not anything to do with the time they are spending on the field, but the time they are spending upgrading their knowledge.

In an emotional field like life insurance, unless there is absolute knowledge about the different criteria and different kinds of riders, one cannot be confident in selling a policy to his customer. That is precisely why life insurance continuing education is such a boon for part time professionals. If you are a part of the insurance industry, you will know about the mandatory training hours that each professional has to log every 2 years. Thousands of people lose their licenses just because they have not been able to prioritize these training hours, and that is truly sad! But with the internet giving tremendous flexibility to the learning process, it is no longer an excuse to say that you do not have a study center near where you live; or that your boss did not allow you to apply leave during the training period.

In some ways, life insurance continuing education online is a better choice than the offline version – not only because it is more economical, but because the topics are more widespread and more updated than at a local center which probably is using the same text books from a decade or more! Busy people (which mean everyone out there!) can choose to read the material at their leisure and can take the tests at their convenience. Most of the good life insurance continuing education portals allow users to go through the material for free, and then pay only when they attempt the test. The good ones have immediate certification and it is according to the individual state laws.

It is important to stay on top of your state’s current rules and regulations. The last thing you want is a fine from the state or even having them revoke your insurance license. Remember how hard you worked for that license! It is worth the couple hours online at home to complete your life insurance continuing education hours. Check with your state because most CE hours are due every two years, but some are due every year. You don’t want to just satisfy state requirements, but you also want to make sure to advise your clients on new product offerings each year.

Unlike at most of the local insurance training centers, it is not just the ethics papers which can be chosen. Though ethics recertification is mandatory across the country every couple of years, there are a wide range of topics the advisor can choose from when going in for life insurance ongoing education online. So every two years, it is like a knowledge overhaul! In fact, the topics are so interesting that people don’t wait for the two years to be completed in order to re-train! Try it if you haven’t yet, and you are sure to get hooked too!

By rahul