Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

There are all different kinds of people and everyone has different ambitions, goals and expectations in life. Most people would really like to achieve something unique, different and special. However, not many of us actually make this dream come true. But how can we really succeed in achieving our goals in life? The answer is: Landmark education.

Landmark education is the place where people with different interests, of varying age, economic and geographical backgrounds can learn how to change their life and how to overcome any obstacles and barriers, as well as their own negative way of thinking. The seminars are open to everyone and are offered in many countries worldwide. You can choose to participate in as many or as few courses as you like.

With over 50 different courses available, it is certain that there is a course suitable for everyone. Some of the introductory courses are free, while the more advanced courses require a fee to be paid to the educational center. Even attending one of these basic courses will have a huge impact on your life and you will instantly experience an improvement in your personal skills, your perception of the world and the other people around you.

If you are a newcomer, it will be recommended that you begin with The Landmark Forum. The Landmark Forum is the first course from the entry-level program, called “The Curriculum for Living”. It is specially designed to give the people who participate in this the basics on which to build on their self-improvement techniques and skills.
















For a person who has just started on the path of self-improvement it is important to bring some shift in the quality of his or her life. This will make the person feel free, independent and with a positive attitude toward the world and all the opportunities it has to offer. This is exactly what The Landmark Forum is about – feeling free and opening your mind and heart to the opportunities that can change your life in a positive way.

The educational methodology used during Landmark education courses is very different from the standard educational methods most of us are used to from the years when we went to school, college or university.

Landmark’s educational methodology focuses on intuitive and natural learning techniques. Discussions and dialogues are a very important part of the coaching, and a very beneficial way to learn by direct or indirect personal discovery. Information sharing between the students, direct observation, and storytelling are only some of the methodologies used during the course.

An often used methodology is that which is used to overcome constraints from the past. The students are encouraged to identify anything they could not overcome in the past, and share thoughts and feelings about it, as well as tell about what their actions were. Then the constraint is discussed with the rest of the students, and possible solutions are advised. This gives the student who has suffered in the past from some sort of limitation to feel more powerful and strong; free and willing to take the required actions and take their fate into their own hands.

By rahul