Thu. Oct 6th, 2022

Unlike 15 years ago, the kids games that are available today are failing to contribute towards the education of our children.

Games like battleships and monopoly were common, and although more fun than educationally-focused, they still instilled a reasonable degree of learning. Monopoly made you calculate figures in your head and about how to best use that money, whilst battleships helped with memory retention.

Today however, has taken a turn for the worse. While there are some excellent kid’s educational games available in shops around the world, there is far greater market emphasis on games that involve watching a computer/television screen. Yes, computer games like Xbox and Nintendo are consuming a large percentage of children’s time outside of school.

What’s worse is that children don’t even need to head to the “spacies parlour” and stand up playing these games anymore. They can simply play one of their Xbox or Nintendo games from the comfort of their own home.

Not only are the thousands of video games contributing next to nothing towards our children’s learning, but they’re also making them less active and in many cases more obese. The most alarming thing is that a large proportion of today’s parents are happy enough for their children to do this.

There are a certain percentage of parents that are against these games and are sensible enough to want to introduce kid’s educational games from a very young age. There are superb audio learning games available, activity packs, comprehension and colour learning games. There are also games that involve shapes and positions, matching up pictures, counting games and a number of great puzzles.

It is games like these that teach kids to have to think for themselves and want to learn more. They also provide kids with great motivational skills and the willingness to express themselves and their creative side.

Encouraging our kids to use educational games will ensure that they develop a lot quicker than those kids who numb their brains by being stuck in front of a computer/television for hours on end. Kid’s educational games are the ideal way to develop kids into smart, logical thinking young adults. It will also better assist these young adults develop into successful working adults.

The availability of video games will continue to grow, however this doesn’t mean children have to play them. It’s up to parents to take responsibility and think about their children’s future.

By rahul