Wed. Sep 28th, 2022

How can learning system design better accommodate the skill level and motivational differences typically found in classes of online high school students? Because high school students do not self-selected themselves into online classes but rather are assigned designers and teachers are confronted with a unique online teaching challenge.

Socially motivated educational networks are a new avenue towards more effective high school learning management systems. They take advantage of the age group popularity of social networking websites. In general social networking sites offer opportunities for self-expression and social interaction., the most recognizable social networking site, encourages members to post music, photos, blogs, to build a personal profile and a network of friends. Members communicate with each other using email, and live chat. MySpace is a community, in the same sense that a high school is a community, people identify with others in their community.

Recognizing the compelling attraction a sense of community offers, learning management system designers might use this as a starting point for building something unique and useful. Learning management systems built to address the unique nature of high school online learning. Socially motivated educational networking might be thought of as a combination of a learning management system and a social network. If system designers programmed access permissions that socially motivated learners to participate and work through course curriculum. The online learning environment might be more similar to the social environment that exists in a typical high school. The addition of a social environment could be used effectively to keep students engaged and actively participating in learning online.

A socially motivated educational network presents itself, not only as a way, for student to have a sense of belonging to a larger community. But, there are also design opportunities to provide students with social recognition for their achievements. They might be motivated towards learning because advancing through curriculum brings the rewards of additional opportunities for interacting with a larger number of other students. The social networking features that allow for self-expression represent a broad set of opportunities for students to both contribute to the community and be recognized by it. The enhanced social aspect this new concept for learning management systems opens possibilities for cooperative learning and the participation in virtual groups and clubs centered on a range of interests and topics. All of the aspects of social networking can be leveraged to better accommodate the wider range of skill levels and motivations typically found in a population of high school students. Sophisticated technical design can put learning at the center and utilize social networking as a primary motivational tool to keep students involved and focused on learning.

This new concept of socially motivated educational networking provides a foundation for the next innovation in the development of learning management systems.

By rahul