Mon. Jan 24th, 2022

Many cities across the country are clamoring for reform and improvement across the board in regard to our children’s education system. Whether in regards to traditional or charter schools, many parents and teachers believe that there is vast room for improvement for the quality of learning opportunities for students. In terms of measures that can be taken to achieve this goal, non-profit organizations have formed to bolster individual institutions in the city of New Orleans and help them improve their standards.

The main objective of these community organizations is to eliminate as many failing schools in the New Orleans area by checking and balancing continuous improvement. Ideally, all educational institutions will be measured with a universal standard of performance, eliminating the perceptions that one school is better than another.

Another example of the mission of education improvement is working towards equitable access and freedom of choice regarding the public school system. Students and their families should be allowed to decide on the location or branch that is ideal for attendance and pursuit of higher learning. This privilege will be worked towards by making sure that information is readily accessible to parents concerning school options and operations. The enrollment process should not be a challenge for a prospective attendee or his or her parents to understand.

It may come as a surprise, but New Orleans public education facilities often don’t meet an attendee’s transportation needs. Demanding that all schools be enforced to provide transportation is yet another model of the overall betterment of the system. In addition, measures should be taken to monitor that any enrolled children or young adults with special needs have those needs met.

In terms of resources, eliminating the existence of prejudice in regards to the distribution of funding and materials for all facilities is an area of prime concern. No matter which school, be it traditional or charter, all students seeking to learn deserve equal funding. This amount of budget will be monitored so that it is directly in relation to an institution’s enrollment size. Additionally, when focusing on newly built facilities, work will be made toward ensuring that these are divided between all types of facilities fairly.

By rahul