Sat. Nov 27th, 2021

K-12 education is a pioneering education system. This area of education has a upper hand over the conventional educational strategy as it puts more weight on thinking and reaching own conclusions.

Teachers usually have the idea that asking students to work on assignments are learning options. In reality they are mere tactics to help strengthen what was been taught previously. In K-12 education system students get real understanding chance. Here the teacher plays the role guide, a medium who provides the students with the opportunity but what really matters and determines an individuals learning capacity and success is their own thinking ability of a student.

These classrooms are also like other classes where pupils go and get the lectures notes, but the difference is that here in K-12 classes students get the chance and encouragement to bring with their personal thoughts and visions. Students get to discuss many points for the same question and get different views but the teacher should have the talent to turn the discussion into a positive direction and for this teachers may need cooperation from the students also.

Students when provided with the learning opportunity should make a serious hard effort to learn and connect what they understand with what they don’t and must always collect data regarding the subject, should not hesitate to ask questions, and must always evaluate the accessible information to jump to a rational ending. This is the type of educational platform a student can get in the K-12 program. Hence it comes with no surprise that this system is being adapted by most educational institutions.

There are also certain critical areas in this system which need to be taken care of, and will help in improving student performance. One of them is:

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the mix of interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence. It is an individual’s ability to deal with emotions and the emotions in a positive way that encourages teamwork. If a student is extremely emotional, fast to react on anybody’s emotions including his/her own, and insensitive to the thoughts and feelings of other classmates then it may harm the individuals learning process and can make him/her distant from other group. Teachers and parents should try and help such students improve their emotional intelligence as it is the most significant feature in determining accomplishment or failure.

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By rahul