Sat. Aug 13th, 2022

There are many jobs in the education sector that do not requiring traditional teaching in the classroom. Here are some careers to pursue if you aspire to work in education.

Technology Specialist

Many people may not think of a school system needing people with a technology background. However, individuals that are trained and skilled in the many areas of technology will be able to find jobs in the education sector as well as in other industries very easily. A technology specialist may also be known as a school computer specialist. They are responsible for training staff on new educational software. Experts predict substantial growth in this career over the next few years.

Special Education Teacher

According to most career experts the most sought after teachers are specialized in special education. To excel as a special education teacher you must possess an abundance of patience and be able to calm your students as well as teach them. Due to the increased demand individuals with this experience will be able to have their choice of job locations. You can get started in this career with a bachelor’s degree and a teaching license. As with the technology specialist this area is expected to have rapid growth.


If you have a passion for books maybe a career as a librarian is for you. Librarians are hired in the private and federal sectors as well as in the school systems. A majority of librarians are hired by schools and universities. Many states require only passing a certification test to begin a career as a librarian; however, some states do require a degree in library science. Another positive aspect of beginning a career as a librarian is that many librarians are due to retire over the next few years.

Education Administrator

An individual with a fixation for making sure an organization is running properly may be interested in becoming an education administrator. As an education administrator you will be responsible for making sure that the budget is adhered to and that the curriculum standards are met. To become an education administrator, you must possess at least a master’s degree. Experts believe that if you remain in your position as an education administrator for at least five years, you can expect a generous increase in your salary.

By rahul