Fri. Jan 27th, 2023

The teaching had become very easy and sophisticated with the help of these boards. These boards have lessened the burden of teachers especially for teaching such students who get learnt their task by repetition.

There are several ways to make the use of these IWB effectively and efficiently in the classroom.

1) These boards save the lessons and then offered to those students who were absent on that day.

2) Teachers can use the maps inbuilt in the boards to teach about the oceans, continents, countries, islands, etc.

3) These whiteboards are very helpful in presenting the lessons or reviews made by teacher or students.

4) Story-telling can be made impressive and appealing with the help of these whiteboards. These whiteboards are used to tell the keyboarding or computer skills to the complete group of learners.

5) The board is quite impressive on the part of display as it use highlighter tool to give emphasis on verbs, nouns, adjectives, etc.

6) These whiteboards make it a simple job to teach the student show to operate internet.

Now, with so many beneficial teaching tools, you would have sure make up your mind to purchase IWB’s. The components you need in all for installing this board are software, projector and a PC. Although, an installation of such whiteboard is not a cheap one, but the cost factor gets negligible in front of its advantages. The whiteboard may vary from 600 pounds to 3000 pounds. It is all up to you which one you select. The cost differs because of the different technologies and the size of the boards.

Therefore, before purchasing the whiteboard for you, you must consider few points. The first one is to find out the needs. In other words, you must have the proper reason of buying this whiteboard. Then, secondly, you must decide the place where it is to be put. Thirdly, you should determine which type of whiteboard is best for your class or school and what size of this board will be best for your class. Fourthly, find the various type of whiteboards available in the market or online and then shortlist them to make a decision by comparing them. Finally, before buying this whiteboard, you must make confirm that the technology used by your school is supported by the whiteboard you are going to purchase.

The world has become more competitive than ever before in history. If students are to keep up with this competitive world, then they too have to learn at an extremely rapid rate. In order to facilitate such rapid learning, the use of teaching resources is no longer an option, but an obligation. These technological instruments may vary from the relatively simple scientific calculators to the use of centralized networks in the classroom. This article will concentrate on the use of LAN networks in classrooms because this has proven to be one of the most efficient teaching methods available.

All students should be provided with a personal computer, an important part of teaching resources. A LAN (local area network) can be setup between these computers’ and the teacher’s computer. In order to setup such as network, cables and connectors can be used. If financially possible, a wireless network is more preferred. The teacher will have the ability send assignments and lessons to students via the network. Students can complete such assignments on their computers and send these back to the teacher.

The main advantage of providing students with PCs is that they will have the ability to use word processors, dictionary software and calculators to complete their work. Therefore their work is likely to be of higher quality and carry fewer mistakes. Students can also include photos and diagrams in their assignments, without having to print them out. This will not only save paper, but will prevent the use of space to store such documents. The teacher also has the ability to supply students with flash/shock wave applications, videos and audio clips and other such applications which are computer dependent (needs the use of a computer).

By rahul