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Is Homeschooling The Right Choice For Your Children – Clemenbit
Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Wow, as a parent we really need another choice to make that may have a lasting effect on our children’s future.

No pressure, we’re only talking about their education.

Basically there are three choices when it comes to educating our children.

1. The public school system

2. Private schools

3. Homeschooling

There are various factors with which people base their decisions. These range from religious beliefs to safety concerns. Sometimes it may just be a geographic decision living too far from a public school or a decision based on a physical or mental handicap.

Whatever the reason the decision to homeschool your child is one that deserves some careful research and a good dose of self-evaluation.

Here are some quick demographics and interesting facts about homeschooling.

77% of all home-schooled children are white and come from two-parent households.

Top reasons that parents give for homeschooling are…

86% of parents gave School environment (e.g., safety, drugs, or negative peer pressure)

72% cited a desire to provide religious or moral instruction

68% gave dissatisfaction with academic instruction as their main concern.

Parents most often cited concerns about the school environment and a desire to provide religious or moral instruction as the top reason they choose to homeschool.

Who can homeschool a child?

The law states that any parent may educate a child at home. The parent does not have to have a teaching certificate or meet any education requirements.

If a parent does decide to home school a child, he or she must offer 1,000 hours of instruction during the school year, with at least 600 hours in the basics, which will be in reading, language arts, mathematics, social studies, and science. At least 400 of the 600 hours shall occur in the home location.

Here are a few other requirements that you must ahead to as a homeschooling parent…

1. A plan book, diary, daily log, or other written record indicating the subjects taught and the activities engaged in with the student.

2. A portfolio containing samples of the student’s academic work.

3. A record of evaluation of the student’s academic progress.

4. Other written, or credible evidence equivalent to all the above.

Homeschooling may not right for every family. Still it may be the best for yours. If you’re honest with yourself about the commitment you will be making and decide that homeschooling is the best path for your family go for it!

By rahul