Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

When you first get started with Network Marketing or anything similar, such as Internet or Affiliate Marketing, the two other most commonly known, your brain tells you to get educated, so you dive right in. It seems you just can’t get enough information and there is so much of it available it makes for difficulty in knowimg where to start. Being a newbie you could probably be related to a jack-rabbit with all the jumping around you will be doing, just in an effort to get your bearings.

Learning all the in’s and out’s of your product, networking with your business partners, going to conventions and spending money on items you think you will need to run your business properly. Your brain starts to become saturated with information but it never quite feels like enough so you find more and tell yourself you’ll get started tomorrow. STOP!

Take baby steps – learn one marketing technique at a time and DO IT until you can do it blindfolded then learn another. Once you have educated yourself on the first technique, and mastered it, then move on and conquer the second one followed by a third, a fourth and a fifth. By learning to handle one project at a time, and finishing it, while you are learning another the first project will start to come to fruition. Then you will be able to reap what you have sown and while you are reaping the first project, which by the way is much easier than sowing, you can sow your second project and then reap the second while sowing the third and so on and so on.

Making yourself a schedule in the very beginning of your business will also lighten the load and it will seem you have much more time than you thought you would. Just remember the rule of thumb for any internet, network or affiliate marketing business, (as a matter of fact, all businesses whether online or off), ~ if you spend 10 hours a week working your business, 6 of those should be for directing traffic to your website(your front door). The other 4 should be filled with the things that do not make you money. I call these the ‘time wasters’, and although they need to be done they don’t make you any money.
















Lastly, but certainly not least, stay plugged into your company’s conference calls and trainings or teleseminars, blogs and social sites or forums relevant to your business, but learn to stay focused on the project at hand. If you take this kind of action in building your business your stress and information overwhelm will seem almost non-existent and the prosperity part of working for yourself will begin much quicker. This kind of approach, ‘putting on the blinders’ will, most certainly, keep you active and in action with the education you have given yourself.

Action will bring you financial prosperity…….education will make you smart but won’t pay the bills! When it comes to action or education with your business, get enough education to get started, put your education into action until it’s mastered and then get yourself some more education so you can put your education into action until it’s mastered then….. you get the picture. This could very well be the most important strategy you have for your business.

Dianna Smith has numerous certifications in Computer Sciences and has been involved with the Internet since the day of it’s launch. She works with several network marketing companies, a mastermind group that has been incredible and since facing early retirement has become very involved with Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing. Dianna built a database for Silicon Valley’s Earthtech Mcroelectronics in 2000, worked as top-level tech support for Juris, Inc out of the East Bay Area, has been a project manager for Coast Commercial Landscaping, among other vaious positions in management and administration.

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