Sat. Sep 24th, 2022

Internet has great influence in our daily lives. From very minor ting to very big issues you can get every information on internet. We can safely say that we are getting dependent on internet day by day. Internet has vast information of everything.

Now days it becomes a common practice to get help from internet for any problem. Students from worldwide get connected themselves to internet to get information about their subject. In fact many teachers come online to help their students. In fact they help every student which comes online either he or she is their student or not.

Assignments and internet:

For education purpose internet is very important resource. Student can get every information on any subject at any time. Many forums are created to discuss their educational problems. If a student has any problem in solving assignment, he can get login to net and surf it and he will get complete knowledge of that subject. From minor English grammatical problems to major essay writing competition, he can get each and everything on net.

Online education:

Students not only can get help online but there are many courses online which students can take online. What they have to do that only to get enrolled their self with any authorized university, download their tutorials, participate in online classes, after the end of course they get degree. For online classes there are many forums which give tuitions of particular subjects. Best part of these classes is that, every student has to take part in class. Online degrees benefit that entire student who cannot attend regular classes or cannot go university or college for further education. N online classes they can easily attend course according to their convenient timings. It is a main reason that online education is getting common. In fact many universities don’t offer every course so many students who do not find their subjects in their local university they get degree in that subject online.

Negative aspects of internet:

Every picture has two faces so that internet has some negative aspects as well. Many students get extra benefits from internet. What they have to do by their selves they get it from net and they save their time for other activities. Many students don’t spend tier time on assignments; they just get it complete through net by giving it to other people. There are many forums which do complete their assignments for small amount of money. What student have to do that just to give them the assignment information and certain amount, and the forum will complete it for them which restrict student creativity.

Last but not least, it depends on us how we use any medium. Internet is very good resource for education purpose. It has no boundaries; students get connected with each other regardless of their ethnicity. They have knowledge from worldwide as internet is not restricted to any country. But students should not take disadvantage of this medium. They should try to gain knowledge as much as they can get.

By rahul