Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

The rules that govern continuing education in different states are quite different, and there are a lot of changes in the way CE is treated in various states. For instance, a state like Maine might require just one compulsory course – Insurance Ethics, while a state like California might require five different topics to be covered, failing which the license would not be renewed.

In Illinois State, there are two required courses: Flood Insurance Training, and Long Term Care Insurance Partnership Plan.

Apart from them, there are various kinds of insurance courses which can be chosen as per the advisor’s interest. These optional courses can be broadly classified into life & health courses, and property and casualty courses. Since most insurance advisors anyway specialize in one of these kinds of insurance modules, it makes absolute sense to divide them into two categories and name them as optional. However, the compulsory subjects above are common for all kinds of insurance advisors.
















Earlier, advisors had to head down to their nearest authorized insurance training institute and relearn the concepts in order to keep their certifications active and their licenses valid. However, with the advent of the internet, it is now possible to get Illinois Insurance Continuing Education certificates right from your home. The number of hours for each course has already been prescribed, and the material has been put online by the best authorized certification portals. All certifications from those sites are valid according to state laws as they are sourced from a reputed training and certification company.

The best part about Insurance continuing education Illinois is that it is quite economical when compared to the fees charged by an institute. While an advisor might spend a couple of hundred dollars on re-certification every couple of years, online, it might just cost him a few dollars! Think about the kind of savings which happen in the long run! For instance, one of the internet’s leading insurance continuing education sites charges about $ 1 per hour; and for a compulsory course like Flood Insurance training, the cost would be just $ 3 (as the course is a 3 hour one). What’s more; the course can be read free of cost and the exam can be taken free of cost. Only when the advisor passes the examination will he have to pay the fees of $ 3 so that the certificate can be issued! Beat that if you can – anywhere in Illinois!

Illinois insurance continuing education is also very important to gain knowledge of new laws, rules, and regulations for the agent. Stay current so you can suggest the best products and services for your clients. If you stop learning, they will find a knowledgeable agent that hasn’t. We suggest doing your insurance continuing education in Illinois online. Because of how fast, easy, and affordable it is, most agents use this source to gain all of their required insurance CE hours every two years. Complete your CE hours online today from your couch!

By rahul