Sat. Oct 1st, 2022

For budding scientists, time spent in the classroom and the lab is extremely important; but learning about how science has been connected to culture and politics throughout history, and how society and science continue to have a tight-knit symbiotic relationship, can be incredibly inspiring. An educational visit is the perfect opportunity for students to explore such connections. Paris, as a leading city of innovation and discovery in modern European history, is one of the most fascinating destinations for such a trip. Here are just a few of the attractions that will intrigue and excite young learners:

Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie

As Europe’s largest science museum, this will make a great feature on any educational visit itinerary. Nestled at the heart of the Cultural Centre of Science, Technology and Industry, in the Parc de la Villette, this is a museum dedicated to enhancing knowledge and curiosity – particularly in young people, the scientists of the future. It contains a planetarium, interactive teen-oriented learning areas, and an IMAX theatre. Visiting students will be able to explore historical advancements as well as new ideas, and will hopefully come away with a deepened passion for the subject and its importance in the world.

The Curie Museum

One of the figures that cemented Paris’s place on the scientific map was Marie Curie, still celebrated today for her work on radioactivity. Modern lovers of science can visit the place where it all began, at the Curie Museum – originally the laboratory built for Curie by the University of Paris and Institut Pasteur in the early 1900s. As both a monument to her work and discoveries and a repository of information about the history of science, this is a must on the itinerary of any science-oriented educational visit. The museum’s exhibits trace the story of radioactivity and the ways it has been used in science and medicine. The star feature, though, is Curie’s reconstructed chemistry laboratory. Learning about her life, work and legacy (the Institut Curie continues to build on the foundations laid by her research) is bound to provide inspiration for young visitors with a passion for science.


It may sound more like play than work, but, for scientific minds, Disneyland Paris can provide fascinating lessons whilst offering some well-earned fun. With themed rides reminiscent of many famous films – including the Toy Story inspired ‘Laser Blast’ and the massive 360-degrees roller coaster ‘Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril’ – students may be all too happy to distract themselves from ride-induced nerves by applying their knowledge of physics. For those with an interest in the mathematics and virtual physics of animation, there is plenty to learn at the Walt Disney Studios Park. All in all, an excursion to Disneyland will make for a highly memorable excursion on educational visit – whatever the reason!

By rahul