Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

Information on certified nursing assistant continuing education is available online. A credible site will explain the many facets of becoming a CNA, as well as what the job will involve. Those considering such a field must be able to show certain skills, prior to taking the test and obtaining final certification.

CNA continuing education is not for everyone. You must have a strong desire to help others, regardless of the level of their basic needs. People working in this profession may work with patients of all ages. However, due to the large aging population, this is most often the population that needs care.

The CNA job description involves many types of tasks or skills. First, one must learn how to properly take vital signs of patients. Measuring pulse, respiration and blood pressure, are skills that one must show competence in, before entering the field. The professional in this field will also need to become knowledgeable in procedures such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation, rescue breathing and other first aid measures.
















To enroll in certified nursing assistant continuing education one must be willing to help patients with activities of daily living. These can include helping with bathing, hygiene, dressing and eating. Some patients will be able to do most of these tasks themselves, requiring little assistance, other than occasional supervision. Others will require more complete help with basic tasks. The professional nursing assistant must learn methods for assisting such patients.

Becoming a professional through certified nursing assistant continuing education may require some physical exertion. To prevent injury to one’s self and patients the student will learn proper body mechanics. Helping patients in and out of bed or into the bathroom is a task that will be done frequently in most health care settings.

When considering CNA continuing education there are several options for working when the education and training is complete. Some individuals will work in hospitals assisting nursing staff in providing care to patients who cannot care for themselves. Knowing how to bathe a patient in bed and knowing how to change bed linens is an essential skill.

Other individuals will work in long term care or skilled nursing facilities. Working in such facilities will require patience. The elderly can become confused, disoriented and combative. It is often up to the nursing assistant to effectively handle such situations. There is also a cost involved in receiving certified nursing assistant continuing education. Programs should be evaluated for cost and their respective level of success in producing competent and highly skilled individuals.

By rahul