Wed. Feb 1st, 2023

This is a rant about Education. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for it, but my question is who uses it, and what is it being used for?

Funny thing to ask I suppose, but how many people in our Western civilised world recognises the privilege we have been given. All of us go to at least 2 or more centers of learning.

Primary school, high school, and higher education, give us so much access to knowledge. And tragically, so much of all that we learned is consigned to the back waters of our memories, never to be seen again.

And when education IS used, some of it’s use is of a dubious nature. Qualification for career is big, really education’s biggest use. And for that, you get a job, a spouse, kids and a car. Was that it?

Was education designed just to pump up affluence? When will we use education to make the spirit of human existence free. And who currently among us, uses education as a leverage in the drive towards the fresh air of freedom, happiness and some order of a Utopian dream? Anybody?

That’s my rant really. Education’s lack of use, and it’s mis-use.

Those people who have endured persecution, crippling lack, and deprivation, are often the very people driven to use the wedge of education, towards a freedom of spirit.

These people are the inventers and planners of a better life. Artists, musicians, poets, architects, town planners, those who discover break throughs in health, wealth, resource management, those who in mental health have made profound discoveries of living a better life,… The list goes on.

Yet, these are a very small and select group, in comparison to a vast population of highly educated, but inert people.

IS the fresh air of freedom, really out of fashion? We certainly have affluence, but does it free us, or enslave us. Is the air of our affluent freedom, as polluted as the air in our cities?

We need to be perhaps a little bit hungrier for the true fresh air of Freedom. The great spirit of what it is to be alive and human.

It is perhaps a pity that those people who crave it the most, come from great deprivation, persecution and pain.

People living under some tiny tyrant, or those living in poverty, or in the midst of a war, are those that know without a shadow of a doubt the true value of Education.

These people have awoken. We Inert educated, are living within the warmed slumbering air of affluence, and it’s time we woke up!

By rahul