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Okay let’s start from scratch. I’ve heard of Christianity and all the other religions around the world and have been exposed to atheists and agnostics. I have just finished my doctorate in education and I’m working for a large university. I have plenty of access to information through the Internet and various libraries, including the University Library.

How would you explain Christianity to an educated person like this? You’re going to need facts and without them, you won’t be able to accomplish your goal. I’m not talking about converting this man to Christianity, I’m talking about explaining the origins, the basics and why people choose this religion over all the other religions throughout the world.

You’re going to need to prove to convince this man. He’s never had an interest in religion and was raised by parents who didn’t believe in any form of religion, but have always believed in some sort of superior being or universal force. His parents didn’t believe in the theory of evolution or the theory of creation. How are you going to convince him that Christianity would be his religion of choice?
















You’re probably not, don’t stop reading the article just because I said that. Anyone who’s educated, is not the easiest target for uneducated Christians who are trying to educate others. This man is going to require facts and the possible conversation won’t take place if you don’t have them.

It’s easier to convince someone who doesn’t require facts. Someone who can be controlled by emotions. If you start talking about the wonders of heaven and the horrors of hell, you could run into an easy convert.

If the potential convert isn’t going to ask questions, it’s going to be easier to explain Christianity to him. The easier it is for a Christian to convert other Christians, the more power it gives them, to convert heathens into Christians.

The higher your success rate, the more you will do it. However, if you run into someone who starts asking you questions, and you actually can answer them or aren’t prepared properly, you shouldn’t be representing your religion.

It’s always been harder to explain Christianity to an educated person. Someone who can reason and has the ability to digest information with an open mind. Education creates stronger people and stronger people are harder to convert than weaker ones. Often Christians and other religions throughout the world prey on the weak, by offering them hope.

How would you convert an educated person to Christianity? Where would you find the facts and supporting evidence?

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