Fri. Aug 12th, 2022

Classical Christian education was the foundation for schools in early American history. Most teachers or instructors were ministers who were educated in classical languages, Protestant theology, and literature.

The Bible was studied by students in its original Hebrew and Greek. They also read Greek classics in the original language.

Many of the most brilliant leaders and thinkers were a direct result of classical Christian education. The challenging and rigorous education forces the students to think and reason, which is why it’s a winning system.

Unfortunately, our nation’s education system has no regard for a commodity of this value. The current system operates on classless, irrational changes that makes degrees meaningless as far as showing us a person’s ability to reason and think.

Other educational models of the past, such as Classical Christian education, have a foundation in working hard and acquiring book knowledge.

For the most part, the ability to analyze, reason, and look at things from other perspectives come from reading. Classical Christian education develops this scholarly skill so that students can understand and apply the Scriptures.

In Colonial America, there was so much more than just learning Christian teachings along with the doctrine and faith. It was just as much about understanding and classifying reality through the teachings and principles defined in the Bible. It was through the Holy Scriptures that colonials approached social theories, philosophy, and education.

Classical Christian education has been alive and well in America since the early 1900s. It’s rooted not only in Christian values and principles, but also in high academic standards. The results have been phenomenal.

Can we achieve the same results today? Is it even possible to teach in the same way when our teachers have absolutely no training in the classical method? Well, to start with, we need to use the tools we have.

It’s always possible to teach from the Bible. We can also teach using centuries’ worth of classic texts. There are also hundreds of great works translated to English, works of history, literature, theology, and science.

While it might seem as though Classical Christian education is outdated, the design is sound; it can produce a student who has the reasoning and analytical ability to read a profound book, then write a compelling essay about it. And more than anything else, it is designed to lead students to God.

By rahul