Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

When was the last time that you got a letter or a statement from your bank that did not have an accompanying leaflet? True, it may not be something that you’ve thought about, but from my experience there’s always something extra to read about in the envelope. Whatever we may think about bankers, their marketing is generally spot on, so why not apply the same principle to legal sector marketing. To cut a long story short, the learning point that I’m trying to make is ‘never miss an opportunity to get your message across’.

Educating your clients about all your services

You’ve gone to the expense of producing some leaflets about all the great services you offer and how you can benefit people or businesses. In my experience, these leaflets rarely get further than reception when in fact they should be included in every mailing you send out…yes that’s right every mailing! Whether it is with your client care letter or your bill, get it out there.

Also, keep a few leaflets in your car or certainly in your brief case at all times so that when you go and see a client you have them at hand. You can then use one as a guide when talking about your other services…..oh and don’t forget to take one for each person you are seeing.

Your average 2 or 3 panel leaflet will fit neatly into the inside pocket of your suit. If for instance, you are at a networking lunch, perhaps a Chamber of Commerce event, then if the opportunity arises with the right person you can produce the leaflet and once again use it as a tool to focus in on a particular aspect of your business. One thing I will say at this point about networking events is not to be too pushy. Find the right balance between talking about your business and building the relationship. At the end of the day people do not like to be sold to!

Two other ways of getting the message across:

1. Advertise on your invoice
A simple message in bold highlighting the next service you hope to provide to the client will help to sow the seed. For instance, if you’ve just completed a conveyance for a client, then there’s a good chance that they will need to amend their Will. The same would also apply in the case of a divorce. Ideally, you would have already gone over these aspects, but there is no harm in re-enforcing the message in relation to your client’s changing circumstances.


If your client is a business and you’ve been handling a matter relating to a commercial property or company commercial matter then there is a natural opportunity for you to ‘cross sell’ for instance, your employment law services. You should at least be asking how many employees they have and recording the answer on your database.

2. Advertise on your emails
Much in the same way that you’d put a relevant message on your invoice, you should also place an additional sales message as part of your signature at the base of your email. It is very much a soft sell, but it is an opportunity for you to tell your clients about what else you can do to help them.

In conclusion, the more your clients know about the services you can offer then the more the potential there is for you to sell those services to your clients and increase your profits!

Neil Chatterjee is the owner of Mojo Marketing, a full service marketing agency based in Lancaster, UK. He is a qualified member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and has over 20 years experience in marketing across varied sectors.

Mojo Marketing specialises in legal sector marketing in England and Wales, but also provides marketing advice and support for small to medium sized businesses in particular to those businesses seeking to develop new sales leads or create increased profits from current customers. This is done through both traditional marketing methods and e-marketing.

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