Sat. Oct 1st, 2022

Through grade school and perhaps college you’ve been educated in how to earn money in a job.

You’ve been shown how most people exist by trading their time for money. It’s a habit you’ve fallen into because no-one told you there was a different, even better way.

Robert Kiyosaki, best selling author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” exposed this important difference in his book where he tells the story of his professional dad and contrasts him with his best friend’s dad who has the financial education.

You know this story…the smart kids go on to be doctors, attorneys and accountants. Others become plumbers, electricians, nurses thanks to professional colleges teaching you how to be employable.

With a financial education you learn how to have money work for you, not the other way round. The end result of the usual situation we find ourselves in is you end up working for others who are rich as a result of you working for their company.

Even when I studied for my MBA I realized most of my professors were just employees as well. They didn’t have the entrepreneurial know-how from starting their own businesses. Imagine that – teaching business and never having been in business for yourself!

Every business has to provide value through the sale of products or services. There’s no getting round this – you are in sales and marketing.

So how do you get the equivalent of your degree in financial education? Increasingly, the Direct Sales Industry is where the best leading edge training is happening. Robert Kiyosaki has written about this industry being “the business school for the people”.

Robert is on record saying he likes direct sales because it is a democratic way for anyone who has drive, determination and perseverance to do well, Direct selling systems don’t discriminate based on age, sex, color, religion or which college your parents sent you to.

The determining factor is how much you are willing to learn and apply. How well will you stick with your new business as you get your financial and business education on the job?

I like what the CEO and co-founder of Wealth Building Training [] company WMI says, “Our belief system is that everyone should be in a position to live a life of abundance and they should come to expect they can have it all”.

Your financial eduction can open up a world for you that until now you’ve probably thought of as being un obtainable. If you have not read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” I recommend it to you. I also like the little book “The Go-Giver”. Look it up on Amazon.

I consider myself a go-giver, giving the gift of access to financial education to those who see the need to dramatically change their lives for the better. Make the switch from being a “professional” and get the education needed to become a successful entrepreneur.

By rahul