Tue. May 17th, 2022

Build a spa and salon business by instilling the importance of employee education is something most owners don’t consider once they hire the staff. They believe that they have been educated enough through their certification course needed to become a technician in the beauty industry.

Having a successful and prosperous spa or salon business is determined by not only what services or products you offer, but also how knowledgeable you and your employees are about what you deliver to your clients.

Along with continuing your own education as a business owner or professional certified technician in the beauty industry, it is very important to make sure your employees are educated as well in order to have and build a spa and salon.

Employee education within and about your business is key to your success.

In fact, having thoroughly educated employees who believe in what they are providing is vital. Putting the time and effort into employee education is worth its weight in gold. This will not only make them a success, your business will shine and become extremely successful.

I can only assume that any employee you hired for a particular service is highly trained and is very knowledgeable about the service they will be performing.

I can also assume that any employee you hired for the front line, such as reception or concierge, has had at least some amount of experience.

I can also believe that any employee you did hire for any of the jobs you needed to be filled came experienced or you trained them to meet your high standard of doing business.
















Having a consistent scheduled time for “in house” employee education is highly recommended.

Make sure all employees know exactly what your business offers. They all need to know explicitly what other techs are providing and about all the services offered, even if they do not perform them.

Product knowledge is crucial to the bottom line in building your spa and salon business. You will see your bank account grow if all employees are trained on product knowledge.

When you take the time for employee education and everyone is excited and proud of the salon orĀ spa business, your business, they are working in, the products and services they all provide, and of each other as team members, the rewards for them and for you are astounding.

What happens when your business is intelligently staffed?

1. Your first time customers will become loyal clients.

2. Your product sales will increase.

3. You will gain greater client retention.

4. You will have less employee turn over.

5. Your referrals from proud employees and happy clients will increase.

An educated employee means an educated client! Your clients are coming to you and your business because your staff is able to educate them on why they need the products and services and how the products and services will benefit them.

Education and motivation go hand in hand. Knowledge is power. An educated employee is a knowledgeable and motivated team member who is a vital asset to your spa and salon business.

By rahul