Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

As our country continues to struggle economically, many have started to wonder what we can expect from the future. A lot of our success will be determined by how our younger generations are raised and how they are taught. Does our education system really teach them anything? This has become a growing question among our citizens. How does our education system really rank among other countries? Will the educational trends be reflected in other areas in the future? This article aims to look at the educational system and see how it compares to other countries. By understanding what is happening now, we may be able to see the direction that we are headed.

Unfortunately, American students test behind 31 countries in math and 16 countries in reading proficiency. This trend can be seen even further divided among the states. On a recent NAEP ranking, students that were educated in Massachusetts received the best test scores of any other state in the country whereas, Mississippi scored the lowest. These statistics can have grave consequences in the way our country focuses in the future. Researchers have shown that these current education trends could cost our country more than $75 trillion over the next 80 years. In order to compete at the levels that this country strives for, there needs to be greater emphasis on the actual material and not on how to take the test.
















The latest reports also show that there is more than just an economic divide that is hurting our education systems. In the past researchers have had a tendency to blame economic status on the reasons for the lower scores; however, some of the country’s richest states are the lowest on the list including: New York, Missouri, Michigan, Florida, and California. The United States is also closely economically the same as Canada and there is a major gap in their rankings and our rankings.

Our students are also having hard time performing on history tests. They know the information well enough to take and perform on a test but other than that they are not actually retaining any of the information. In a recent documentary students were asked various history questions and the results were alarming. One girl thought that our Vice President was Osama Bin Laden and one student thought that we won our national independence during the Civil War.

These results show that there is a growing problem that needs to be fixed, and with recent budget cuts making it harder for teachers to find a job, it is important to focus on the children. Parents should help focus their children’s attention to the future and their academics. It is proven that if students attend school than they are more likely to succeed. Also, if at least one of their parents has a bachelor’s degree, then they tend to perform better. Maybe you don’t have a degree but want to show your child the importance. You can still fulfill your dream and help encourage theirs. By obtaining an online degree you will be one step closer to your goals and place your child at a better advantage.

By rahul