Sat. Sep 24th, 2022

As with all advancements in technology, many different sectors are directly influenced by the changes, sometimes for the good and sometimes not. Most industries that are hit first are those of business as these advancements can often affect their operations, marketing and production, etc. However, education in schools, colleges and universities are all influenced by the changes in technology.

We all know that the world was revolutionised with the introduction of computers but they are now more heavily involved in part of many early years’ resources. For those in higher education you can understand how the process is a lot easier to integrate and will be more easily adapted. However, concerning really young children who will not be able to quickly learn about computers, the process could prove more challenging.

One of the ways in which this notion has been introduced with outstanding success is via the replacement of traditional white boards, or even chalk boards, with electronic smart boards. These have been specifically designed for classrooms and feature a range of teaching programmes. This simple advancement will allow the children to familiarise themselves with the computer systems, allowing for easy adaption, without putting any pressure or responsibly onto the actual children.

Many of the programmes used by these systems are fun, interactive and also educational, which has been found to help younger children grasp particular concepts a lot easier. They are actively involved within the lesson and you can teach them via topics they are interested in and will want to learn. It has also been found that the use of educational games and sounds has been a success when it comes to teaching more academic levels. They are able incorporate the use of imagery and sounds, combined with words to help adhere to a range of different learning styles.

With more and more educational bodies recognising the different learning styles and how many children learn better using a variety of techniques; audio, visual and kinetic, they have been able to incorporate these factors into differing features of technology. This has allowed teachers to get the most out of classes and the best performance from individual pupils. By addressing this at an early age, where children are prone to soak up information, it can help to push the standards of education forward.

With new standards, guidelines and technology being introduced to schools on a regular basis it is helpful to stay abreast of the changes in order to monitor your own child’s progress.

By rahul