Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

We live in a world that constantly bombards us with information. Peter Senge beautifully envelopes the works of many great modern thinkers in his book – A fifth Discipline Resource – Schools that Learn. By collaborating with business and educative experts Senge brings a practical resource for all educators to use in their daily applications.

He covers the five disciplines:

Personal Mastery:

Mental Models:

Shared Vision:

Team Learning

Systems Thinking

Reading this book is like talking to a room full of educational enthusiasts all entirely excited to share their experiences and help you make yours 100 times more successful. At no point in the book do you feel inferior or overwhelmed. Schools that Learn is designed as a resource and it more than delivers. It is a fun and refreshing look at education innovation and you can use this stuff in everyday life!

Senge definitely offers a true gift to all involved in education. Whether you come from a business or teaching standpoint, if you are involved in education you will love this book. His ability to create a resource with practical classroom application is a merit to himself and his contributors. The book in itself truly emphasizes how successful we can be when we apply and practice the 5 disciplines. The book has a shared vision, which has the potential to change the face of education in America.

A must read for all dedicated to education reform in America! My copy has my notes all through it and I love going back to the sections that really resonate with my personal teaching and learning!

Running a school is an entirely challenging job. Those who teach give of themselves at a very personal level. Balancing all that makes a school a wonderful place of learning is a skill more of us could have with practice.

By rahul