Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

Rick and Marilyn Boyer are a homeschooling family of fourteen. The Boyers are a wealth of information from having home educated their twelve children for over 20 years now. In this, their fourth book, Rick & Marilyn Boyer, share their belief that “learning is a natural function and that it can happen better at home than anywhere else.” They deal with a wide range of subjects from socialization to curriculum and from classroom procedures to the father’s role.

The Boyers believe that building a home education program should be built on a solid foundation. They have put their views into the form of five suggestions based on their observations throughout their many years of home educating and helping others home educate.

Suggestion #1: Clarify your motives

Suggestion #2: Get your children under control

Suggestion #3: Assemble a basic curriculum

Suggestion #4: Rid your home of counterproductive influences

Suggestion #5: Anticipate some obstacles

This is an excellent book that I have thoroughly enjoyed! They have a wonderful sense of humor, which adds so much to the theories, and ideas they offer here. The chapter titled “The Father’s Role” is truly a blessing. One thing Marilyn says that is the best thing Rick can do to help her teach their children – is “to take her out to eat!” Now how many of us wives would turn this down?!

Rick and Marilyn Boyer strongly believe that ordinary parents can produce extraordinary children, and that you too can enjoy the adventure of HOME EDUCATING WITH CONFIDENCE.

If you enjoy this book, they have also written three other wonderful books titled –

“Yes, They’re All Ours”

“The Socialization Trap”

“Hands-On Character Building”

By rahul