Thu. Feb 2nd, 2023

When Jake Adams teed up a golf ball in April and drove it 280 yards into Yellowstone National Park, he didn’t expect to land in the sights of the law.

Now, “they’re building a federal case against me,” he said.

It all started, as so many bad ideas do, out of boredom. Last year, on a freezing spring day in Barnstable, Mass., on Cape Cod, Mr. Adams started to drive golf balls into Wequaquet Lake. Every day for 30 days he hit one into the lake.

On the last day, he plunged into the frigid water himself, fully clothed, a move he filmed and posted online. It was just a dumb challenge he gave himself, said Mr. Adams, 29, a professional comedian and avid golfer. But now he wanted to do something bigger to attract more attention.

This February, on a cross-country trip, Mr. Adams pulled off State Highway 89 outside Holly, Colo., near the Kansas line, and smacked a golf ball into the eastern plains. It just looked so cool, he said. That was when he decided to hit a golf ball in every state in 30 days and post his adventures on social media. More likes and followers could possibly translate to more attention for his comedy, he thought.

By rahul