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Stacy Craig is a lecturer in Life Sciences in Baker College, Texas. She has a teaching experience of over 20 years now. She is known as a dedicated teacher and is very popular among her students.

Isn’t teaching wonderful? I mean you have your own place- a classroom. It is a place that belongs to you. Your students are your friends and followers. It’s like you are leading them, and it is your responsibility to lead them to the right path. Of course the college students are less impressionable than school students, but you must make sure that they are getting complete education to improve their personality and ethics.

Education has its roots deep in the United States. The initial schools of USA began in the 17th century. The first learning institute for higher learning was Harvard University, which was founded in 1638. Very soon, a proper and structured education was made compulsory for children.
















In the earlier schools, much focus was given on religion. People emphasized on literacy so that they would be able to read the Bible. Education took shape after the American Revolution. The period after the revolution saw a lot of stress in the field of education, especially in the northern states. Girl’s schools started taking form around 1767. Education in those days was limited to boys, and to a few privileged girls. If you contrast this situation to today’s scenario, you’d find it hard to imagine, as today girls and boys are playing equal part in education.

When I’m talking about education, I must say something about the teachers of those days. Most educated people did not exactly have the aim of being teachers. You could become a teacher without any special certification if you had sufficient knowledge in that particular field. There was no concept of ‘normal schools’. As you might know, a normal school is a school that trains people to become teachers. But it all started to change around 1823. And as the century ended, most elementary school teachers were trained to be teachers.

As things changed, more and more reforms were done in the educational area, and education was more structured. And as a result, we can see the present day well-formed education system of USA. It has been established with hard work that has been done over the past centuries. We should be thankful and take education seriously.

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