Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

Too many degrees and too few employment opportunities – these are two challenges that the youth across the globe faces. Yes, there are a number of colleges opening up and varied vocational courses are taking shape; however, higher education has become something so common and therefore competitive that students with a cut-off of 99 percent seem to find it difficult to get a seat in a renowned college.

Privatization has simply made education expensive (nay… unaffordable). What does one do now? Firstly, there is a need for students to expand their skill base. Having a fall-back plan is critical. So, if not medical maybe a fairly intelligent kid can opt for biotechnology. Academics are not the only area where all the effort should be streamlined. While the flock is still opting for conventional courses like engineering, medical and economics, those who know that fields beyond science and commerce have a lot to offer, are exploring diverse options.


Well, typically ‘academic’ courses include technology, banking, hotel management, hospitality and more – these are fields that are emerging in the bracket of popular demand. There is, however, a lot more. Ever thought of photography as a profession? There are college degrees in some colleges now especially for those who love to capture everything in photographs.

Art is no longer tagged as a ‘dumb’ career. From a Phd in literature to a double master’s in calligraphy – everything is getting more serious now. No matter what course you are taking, the idea of higher education is a lot more than the books and the lectures. In terms of higher education, what should you as a student, really look for?

Point 1: The professors that the University or college has to offer

Point 2: The infrastructure facilities

Point 3: The amount of field-work and research that the institute encourages

Point 4: The flexibility in courses that the university offers

Point 5: The emphasis on internship that the college puts

Point 6: Academics

Point 7: Co-curricular activities as a part of the agenda

These seven points should be at the top of a huge list that comprises the things that you should check before applying for admission in a particular university. Another important thing that some colleges are very particular about includes the capacity of a student to earn right after graduation. That is why; the emphasis at this college is on total personality development of the students. It is the right decision to go for such a college when considering higher education because the agenda is to make students capable of making it big in whichever field they opt for. So, whether you are an arts aspirant or commerce pro, picking the right university for higher education should be your priority. The rest will follow in place itself. You can search the internet, which is a great help nowadays, before you make up your mind.

By rahul