Sat. Aug 13th, 2022

The last week of October is the perfect time for a break in the routine and to incorporate some fun Halloween activities into daily lessons. The trick is to use the theme of Halloween without sacrificing the curriculum. Students of all ages will appreciate different looking math worksheets, a variety of writing topics, and being allowed to take a break in their routine to play some fun, yet educational games. Teachers can have some fun as well as devise effective ways to incorporate some holiday themed fun into their curriculum.

A simple, yet effective way to bring Halloween fun into the classroom is with color. Running off worksheets on orange paper will excite an elementary school student and bring a smile to middle school student. Using Halloween themed and colored bookmarks as a record keeping format for independent reading challenges is another simple. Running off reward or motivational charts on colored paper just adds a little fun to the challenge. Letting students use orange or brown markers or colored pencils to do their work is a fun change as well.

Using Halloween themes for journal writing, structured paragraph writing is an easy way to bring fun Halloween activities into the classroom. Finding creative writing prompts that are different than what is usually assigned is key. One key to improving written language skills is to keep the students writing. Having innovative prompts to use around this holiday will help keep the motivation up and writing skills will improve.

Incorporating the study of story element, plot charts etc, during October, lends itself to a variety of Halloween themed writing prompts. Describing a setting, character descriptions, planning out a conflict are all ways to use the holiday theme in teaching students how to write a good story. These activities can be done in a large group project or individually!

Another effective tool is to find some fun and educational math worksheets, puzzles, and mazes that tie directly into the curriculum to use for warm-ups, homework or quiet seat work. When the material is exactly what you are teaching, this will provide some variety, let the kids have some fun but does not sacrifice the educational component. Giving a quality game or puzzle for homework or classwork sprinkled out during the week will be more effective overall than designating a separate Halloween day for fun or games.

Bringing Halloween into the classroom as an integral part of the lesson is truly the best and most effective way to use fun Halloween activities and games. This gives students some variety to their routine, keeps up the quality of assignments but allows them to have some fun with it at the same time.

Sue Gnagy Fegan used a structured, sequential multisensory teaching approach for the past 34 years. She saw first hand the benefits of engaging students in productive, hands on activities in class. She created and has presented Make it Fun! Make it Challenging! Make it Multisensory! workshop at conferences across the country.

Teachers and Parents will benefit from having a secret weapon available to them in their classroom or at home with a variety of well researched, fun and innovative ideas at their fingertips to make any holiday season fun while keeping the educational quality going.

By rahul