Tue. Nov 29th, 2022

We’re always lamenting how video games keep robbing our children of the interest and energy they used to have for books and reading in general. Perhaps there is a way to address concerns such as these without completely turning one’s back on technology. Let’s go through a couple of the best educational toys for kids on the market now that can help you make the best of both worlds for your child.

People can’t stop raving about the latest Kindle, Amazon’s simple e-book reader that can hold hundreds of book.The problem with giving a Kindle to a child is, next to flashy all-color video games and such, the simple unlit black-and-white Kindle screen can seem boring to a child. A child’s book is supposed to be about the pictures and the colorful design of the creation. Enter the V.Reader, a great new E-reader from V.Tech. Not only does it come framed in a heart-gladdening blue and yellow exterior with colorful buttons to delight your child with, it comes with a great color touchscreen too. You buy full-color e-books for your child and plug the cartridge in; right away the interactive stories promised come to life on the screen to read along with.











Up next in our round up of educational toys for kids comes the Leapster Explorer, from Leapfrog; the company’s Leapster is a pretty popular mainstay among educational toys for kids. The Explorer version costs $60, and is for children under 10. It faces a pretty crowded marketplace with Fisher-Price’s iXL, the Nintendo DSi XL and even the Apple iPad vying for the customer’s attention though. Educational games on the device help brighten up the school curriculum with characters from Toy Story 3 and Star Wars. It helps your child gain skills that should help with her homework, and have a lot of fun in the process.

And finally, comes the MobiGo Touch Learning System from V.Tech. It’s for children under 10, and it comes with its own kid proof QWERTY keyboard that slides out from under the screen like on some smart phones. The games on this device make use of well-loved and familiar characters from animation franchises like Shrek and Toy story and help a lot with school-related tasks. Games like the one where a child needs to complete words to help a loved cartoon character win, can be really fun.

By rahul